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Ride Tracking With iBeacon

Ride Tracking With iBeacon | Everlance + iBeacon

Everlance + iBeaconGPS is an amazing thing. Every day Everlance tracks over 1,000,000 miles from our users and this is primarily done with standard GPS on a smartphone. It works well and it’s the industry standard for tracking apps.

However, today we’d like to talk about something we’re really excited about for our iOS & Android users, and that’s iBeacon. With an iBeacon device installed in your car and iBeacon tracking activated on your smartphone, Everlance is now able to track every ride with even greater accuracy than before.

Before we dive into the specifics of how Everlance uses iBeacon to track, let’s talk a little about the technology behind iBeacon. Continue Reading

MileIQ Review

MileIQ Review: MileIQ App Review, Features & Pricing

MileIQ Review: One of the most common questions in the mileage tracking industry is “Which Mileage Tracker App Is The Best?” At Everlance we feel this is an incredibly important question and in order to fully understand the answer, you need to know what’s out there and what each app can and can’t do for you.

In this review series we’re going to cover some of our competitors, like MileIQ to give you a better idea of how Everlance stacks up when it comes down to features and pricing so you can make an informed decision (MileIQ vs Everlance).

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Preferred phone types for freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed – 2016

With new phones coming out every month (or at least feels this way) and with the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to take a look and see what types freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed individuals prefer to use every day. Smartphones have become the lifeline for many people and it’s truly because of technology that many of us can pursue our passions and work for ourselves. Also, it has paved the way for apps like ours because just a few years ago automatic mileage tracking and transactions tracking with receipts was not possible. The pool of options seems endless but we dove into some of our data to see what are the top 3 most popular phones in both iPhones and Android. Note that each category of iPhone also includes the iPhone “S” and “Plus” models, as well as the “edge” models for Android.

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