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NETFILE Canada | Filing Your CRA Taxes Online

The Canada Revenue Agency processes more than 25 million tax returns each year and nearly two-thirds of these returns are filed electronically. 

The CRA has gradually been pushing for electronic returns vs. paper returns for the last few years, as the advantages, including ease-of-reporting & quicker refunds offer a more streamlined experience for both parties.

This is where NETFILE comes in. We’ll explain what NETFILE is and why you would use it to file your CRA taxes online.


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2018 Automobile Allowance Rates (1)

CRA Standard Rate 2018 | Automobile Allowance Rates Canada

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)The CRA Standard Rate, or more commonly known as the “Automobile Allowance“,  is Canada’s version of the IRS Standard Mileage Rate which allows for Canadians to deduct business mileage on a cost per kilometre basis.

In this article you will find all of the necessary information you need regarding the automobile allowance rates for all provinces & territories in Canada, from the years 2012 to 2018. Which is helpful if you have to take care of previous tax years!

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