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Preferred phone types for freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed – 2016

With new phones coming out every month (or at least feels this way) and with the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to take a look and see what types freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed individuals prefer to use every day. Smartphones have become the lifeline for many people and it’s truly because of technology that many of us can pursue our passions and work for ourselves. Also, it has paved the way for apps like ours because just a few years ago automatic mileage tracking and transactions tracking with receipts was not possible. The pool of options seems endless but we dove into some of our data to see what are the top 3 most popular phones in both iPhones and Android. Note that each category of iPhone also includes the iPhone “S” and “Plus” models, as well as the “edge” models for Android.

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Caregiver apps

Top caregiver apps your should be taking advantage of today!

Caregivers have one the most diverse jobs in the world. They are not only nurses but a companion, a friend, an extra hand around the house. Juggling many tasks per day like remembering the correct pill for the patient, getting a patients medical records and even personal business tasks like getting reimbursed for miles driven can be exhausting and leaves little to no energy for anything else let alone picking tools like caregiver apps.

Also, since there are so many different fields that a caregiver can work in: senior care, home aid, respite care, nurse, hospice and many are on the move all the time it’s important to take advantage of some of the technology services out there, but which ones? We have handpicked a few caregiver apps and services based on usability, reviews and device availability that will be helpful and enable you to just focus on the patient.

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Everlance for consultants

Everlance’s Quick Guide for Consultants – Travel Hacks and Recommended Apps

The requirement to travel for consultants can be both a gift and a curse and the jury is still out on whether to consider the days on the road as a perk or not. Given how much time is spent traveling as a consultant though it definitely pays to learn the ropes from a pro. We have interviewed some consultants from top firms to learn about their travel hacks. We have asked them to give us some tips on the 4 most common areas of travel they deal with and here is our guide for Consultants.

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Top Recommended Apps for Real Estate Brokers and Agents – 2016

The amount of apps out there can just be overwhelming. Luckily, we went through many of them and have picked out the few that we believe can make a big impact for you as a real estate professional. Here is our list of recommended apps for real estate professional and brokers. We first start with how you can keep all your files and records neatly organized:

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Business License for Uber and Lyft Drivers

How to File for a Business License for Uber and Lyft Drivers

As you may have already heard the city of San Francisco has now required Uber and Lyft drivers to obtain a business license to operate in the city. This is a brand new development  and many cities may follow their lead. The deadline to apply for the business license is 30 days after the letter has been sent to your residence so be on the lookout for a letter from the city. The estimated cost is $91 for drivers making less than $100K a year. To make life easier on our fellow rideshare drivers so we’ve laid out all the necessary steps for you to obtain a business license:

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