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Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin 101: Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Bitcoin ImageYou can’t go to any major news website today without seeing something about Bitcoin and its meteoric rise from about $1,000 in January of 2017 to over $16,000 in 11 months!

Billions of dollars are being made in this new market and it’s no wonder that interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is white hot right now.

What is Bitcoin? How do I buy & sell it? Will I be taxed on my Bitcoin sales?

These are all very important questions, and while we can’t speculate to how long this trend will last or if investing in Bitcoin is right for you, we can help educate you to make a more informed decision.

This Bitcoin article is brought to you by Everlance, the #1 automatic mileage & business expense tracking app on the market.

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2018 IRS Standard Mileage Rate

IRS LogoNOTE: The 2018 Standard Mileage Deduction Rate has not been released yet. We will update this article as soon as the rate is available.

Every year the IRS updates the Standard Mileage Deduction Rate and no matter what type of driving you do, if you drive for business purposes, moving or charitable causes – the 2018 IRS Standard Mileage Deduction Rate is there to help you easily deduct your mileage.

For those of you wondering why you’d use the standard mileage deduction rate instead of itemizing expenses for actual costs, you do have a choice. You can use one or the other, but you can’t use both.

The IRS has attempted to simplify the deduction process for everyone with the standard mileage deduction, however you’re not required to use it – you do have another option. Continue Reading

Real Estate deductions

10 Common Tax Deductions For Real Estate Agents

Your job as a real estate professional is hard enough. You’ve got to bend over backwards to get seller listings and hustle to get buyers. You’re driving back and forth from the office to potential clients to open houses and more. It’s how the job works and when you do it right, the hard work can really pay off.

Today we want to look at common tax deductions for real estate agents. Deductions that may seem small but can really save you a lot of money.

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IRS Tax Refund

IRS Tax Refund: My Refund Status & How To Use Everlance.

Every year like clockwork Federal taxes are due. In 2018 it will be no different. The taxes for the previous year (2017) will be due on April 15th, 2018 and millions of Americans will be left wondering one thing.

“Where is my tax refund?”

This post isn’t just about figuring out where your tax refund is, or how much of a refund you’ll get – it’s about the bigger picture. We want you to understand how tax refunds work and how to maximize your tax refund using Everlance to track your business mileage and expenses.

Where’s My Tax Refund?

The IRS runs this site to check the status of your tax refund using what they call a “Refund Trace”, which is just a really cool name for “pulling up your tax refund status by your SSN”. We personally feel that Refund Trace sounds much more glamorous.
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IRS Phone Number

IRS Phone Numbers: Contact The IRS

We’re coming up on tax season and Everlance wants everyone to be prepared. We’ve created a list of IRS phone numbers that can help you, whether you’re an individual, employee, self-employed or a business – this list should have you covered.

IRS Phone Numbers

The IRS has been steering people towards self-service online for a few years now, however, they do maintain dedicated hotline numbers for most of the issues you will face.

The IRS warns people of heavy wait times during the tax season (Jan 1st – April 15th) and cautions all callers to be adequately prepared for each phone call with the right authorization and information.

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