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Free Vehicle Inspection Uber & Lyft Drivers

Free Vehicle Inspections For Uber & Lyft Drivers

We’ve written about taxes for Uber & Lyft drivers and now it’s time to talk about one of the mandatory requirements for maintaining your vehicle – the annual vehicle inspection!

No one wants to pay for inspections if they don’t have to, especially those who drive for a living with companies like Uber and Lyft, so we’ve got a simple post that can help drivers find free or low-cost vehicle inspection locations near them to get the job done and maintain compliance.

Free Vehicle Inspections Near Me

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Uber 1099

Uber 1099 Form | Taxes For Uber Drivers (1099-K & 1099-MISC)

uber driverIt’s that time of year again people! Uber 1099 time! That’s right, all of you Uber drivers will be getting 1 of 2 forms in the mail, depending on the revenue you generated.

Some Uber drivers will be getting the 1099-MISC if they generated under $20,000 in income for the previous year. Those who generated over $20,000 in income + at least 200 trips will be getting the 1099-K.

Let’s talk more about these 1099 forms and how Uber taxes work, but before we do we need to make it clear that this post is not to be construed as tax advice. There is no substitute for speaking with a certified tax specialist and you should always consult a pro if you have specific tax questions.

Uber Tax Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?

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