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Everlance for side hustle

How can I use Everlance for my side hustle?

Even if it’s your greatest passion, having a side hustle isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work! And the first step is keeping track of your income. The good news  is that you can breathe easier when you use Everlance to track your expenses and log mileage for your freelancing.

With its user-friendly interface, Everlance helps you keep track of every mile you drive for Uber or every coffee date you have with a client. Oh, and the receipt for the coffee?  You don’t need to stuff it in your wallet to put in your shoebox under your bed later. Instead, you can just take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the app. Everlance stores all of the data safely in a cloud for when you need it.

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Announcing Edit Trips: Classify, Delete, Merge Multiple Trips

You spoke and we listened. We are excited to bring you the ability edit your trips. Now you can not only classify or delete multiple trips at once but merge as many different trips as you would like into one. It’s as simple as tapping on “edit” and selecting your trips and then classifying, deleting or merging. Currently merging your trips is available on both or platforms (Android & iOS) and batch classify and delete are on iOS only.

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Everlance - bank and credit card integration

Everlance 2.0 Released, Featured by Apple

We are very excited to announce:

  • Bank and Credit Card Integration

  • Tax Integration featuring H&R Block

Keeping track of your business & personal expenses has never been easier. Now you can link your bank or credit card to Everlance & have all your transactions populate in Everlance as transaction cards. Simply swipe to classify each transaction, just as you have been doing for your trips. Learn how to integrate your account by clicking the button below:

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Everlance 1.3.0 Release!

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! The team here has been busy turning coffee into code and we’re really excited to hear what you think about the latest release.

The mileage tracker has gotten a big upgrade with the addition of three new features: favorite places, instant round trip, and Vinli integration.

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Everlance data export

New Improvement to Data Export Emails

We work hard to make continuous improvements to Everlance and based off popular demand we’re excited to release a few small improvements to our data export functionality. We heard from many users (thank you for writing in!) about the issues with finding the attachments in the email. We listened and developed a new way to obtain your CSV files. You’ll now see two green buttons labeled “Download Trips” and “Download Transactions” in your export email that will allow you to automatically downloaded your data.

We also provide a quick summary of your mileage and expense logs so you can get a comprehensive overview directly from your email without having to dive into excel.

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