Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee Reimbursement | How Employers Reimburse Employee Expenses

Employee Expense ReimbursementEmployee reimbursement, a topic we hear about on a daily basis from our customers. Whether they’re new employees that don’t understand how much they’ll be reimbursed, or those wondering if expenses can be deducted on their personal tax returns.

We see it all!

There are often so many questions regarding employer’s reimbursing employee expenses that we felt it would help clear up the confusion for a bunch of people by writing a dedicated article on the topic.

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Ride Tracking With iBeacon

Ride Tracking With iBeacon | Everlance + iBeacon

Everlance + iBeaconGPS is an amazing thing. Every day Everlance tracks over 1,000,000 miles from our users and this is primarily done with standard GPS on a smartphone. It works well and it’s the industry standard for tracking apps.

However, today we’d like to talk about something we’re really excited about for our iOS & Android users, and that’s iBeacon. With an iBeacon device installed in your car and iBeacon tracking activated on your smartphone, Everlance is now able to track every ride with even greater accuracy than before.

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Top 10 Highest Mileage Vehicles In The World

The 10 Highest Mileage Vehicles In The World

Have you ever dreamed of joining the Million-Mile Club? Many long-haul truckers and those who drive for a living every single day can easily rack up a million miles driving over the course of a career – but everyday citizens with just one vehicle? That’s much harder.

This list contains over 15,000,000 miles worth of driving on 10 vehicles. According to the Everlance Mileage Tracking App if 100% of these miles were business-related the total deduction would amount to $8,175,000 using the IRS standard mileage rate!
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Highest & Lowest Income Taxes By State

State Income Tax Rates | Highest & Lowest Income Taxes By State

Even though taxes aren’t a fun topic, everybody loves a good list! Today we’re going to rank each state income tax and show you the 7 states with the lowest income tax rates and the 7 states with the highest income tax rates.

If you ever wanted to know “How much is the state income tax in California” or “What is the state with the highest income tax?” you can easily find the answer below [answers: a.) 1% – 13.3%, b.) Connecticut]. Continue Reading

Delivery Driver 1099 & Taxes

1099 For Gig Delivery Drivers

Whether you drive for Instacart, Doordash, Postmates, Shipt or another delivery driver service, this post is for you. Today we’re going to talk about the 1099’s you receive in the mail and what they mean for you and your taxes.

In previous posts we covered Uber & Lyft 1099 forms (K & MISC) and we’ll be using a similar format for this post as it manages to be both descriptive and helpful with each kind of ridesharing or delivery driver service.

1099 K Form: Delivery DriversStarting in the first week of February delivery drivers will begin getting their 1099 forms for previous years earnings.

It’s officially tax time!

Some delivery drivers will be getting the 1099-MISC if they generated under $20,000 in earnings for the previous year, while others will be receiving form 1099-K if they’ve accrued more than $20k in earnings & 200+ transactions.

Note, a “transaction” in this instance is a “ride”. So if you completed 200 paid rides within the calendar year + you earned more than $20,000, you’ll be getting the 1099-K.

Before we dive in to the specifics we need to state that this post is not to be considered tax advice. For specific advice regarding your taxes you should speak directly with a tax professional.

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