Work hours for Everlance

New Update: Custom Purposes & Work Hours

We’re excited to announce 2 major new features! Many of you have requested the ability to create your own personal categories and now whenever you swipe to the left you can. With our new app releases: 1.6.5(iOS) and 1.2.1 (Android), you can now you can swipe far left on any trip (wait until the card turns orange) and choose from the pre-populated purposes or create a custom one. Update your current app HERE to get access.

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Everlance Android 1.1 is Here!

We were featured by Google as one of their “Best New Apps”?!?!

This update has taken us a long time, but we were beyond excited to see that Everlance was featured by Google. We couldn’t have done it without your feedback and really appreciate those of you who have helped in the beta or by sharing the app with friends.

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Everlance 1.6: Everlance Widget for iOS 10!

With our new 1.6.1 update, classifying your trips has never been easier. The new Everlance Widget gives you the ability to see in-depth trip info from your “today” screen and the ability to classify directly from the widget. To enable the widget simply (1) swipe left on your phone’s home screen (2) click edit at the bottom of the screen (3) add Everlance as a widget.

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Everlance 1.4 Now Available!

Hello again! For 1.4 we’ve focused on enabling you, the user, to get whatever it is you want to get done in the app faster. The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve incorporated 3D Touch throughout the app and redesigned some of the UI flows to make it simpler and faster to access information. You can now get access to all your trips and expenses from the home screen and with the addition of Peek and Pop, it’s never been easier to see details at a glance.

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