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Work hours for Everlance

New Update: Custom Purposes & Work Hours

We’re excited to announce 2 major new features! Many of you have requested the ability to create your own personal categories and now whenever you swipe to the left you can. With our new app releases: 1.6.5(iOS) and 1.2.1 (Android), you can now you can swipe far left on any trip (wait until the card turns orange) and choose from the pre-populated purposes or create a custom one. Update your current app HERE to get access.

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budget for taxes

How much money should I budget for taxes as a freelancer?

Budgeting for tax season can be the difference of an incredibly stressful tax season vs using your refund to take some time off and travel. Unfortunately, most of us tend to experience the stressful version of tax season. Budgeting is one of the most effective ways to relieve that stress. Have a game plan for the year and really stick to it. Here are 4 practical steps to take and budget for taxes:

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