Tips for Amazon Flex and Amazon FBA

4 Tips for Amazon Flex & Amazon FBA Drivers

With Amazon Flex and Amazon FBA increasing on popularity, Everlance has become the top tool to use. We are working everyday to create products that are actually useful for our drivers, like automatically tracking your mileage, expenses and even revenue. We’ve found 4 ways that Everlance can help make your life as an Amazon Flex or FBA driver run a little more smoothly:

1. Saves time by tracking miles driven for Amazon Flex & Amazon FBA

Tracking the mileage you drive for work is time-consuming. Seriously. With Everlance’s auto-detect feature, you don’t need to worry about manually logging the miles you drive, because it tracks and classifies the ride for whatever you need (Work, Personal, Charity, etc.). It also has a IRS guideline compliant mileage log that estimates the trip’s reimbursement value.  Did you know that every 1,000 you drive for your business can be worth up to $535 in tax write-offs? You can thank us later. So, every Amazon Flex delivery can be written off.

2. Stores expenses and receipts in one secure place

Receipts for gas, shipping supplies, or even your cell-phone bill…you don’t need to make room for all that receipt storage anymore. With Everlance, you can upload images of your receipts (and the transaction associated with it) and both are securely saved in a cloud. Sound like a dream come true? Okay, maybe you don’t dream about this, but we do.

3. Tracks your revenue for deliveries and fulfillments 

Your expenses and mileage is taken care of but what about the money you make from Amazon Flex or Amazon FBA.  Whether its tips from a delivery or sales from your FBA business, the app tracks all of your revenue and lists your profit after all of your expenses. You can see quickly see an overview of your taxable income in a super user-friendly format on the app’s homepage.

4. Free Data Reports of your Amazon Flex deliveries and FBA sales

We hope that we have you curious by now and the good news is that there is much more! The app lets you store your trips, your expenses, and your revenue all in one place. But what if you need to send this information to someone, say, your accountant? We have this magical Export Data feature that let’s you send a data report (with customizable filters)  in an Excel file to anybody who needs it. If you’re on the Premium plan, you’re able to send the same information but with the images of a map for each ride in a PDF file.

So, whether you need to track your mileage when you’re driving a time block with Amazon Flex or track those pesky expenses with Amazon FBA, we’ve got you covered. We saved the best part for last. You don’t have to take our word for it. Download the app today and try it out for free!


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